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Pavilion "Corner" (1970)

Pavilion "Corner"

Mausoleum of Abu Bakr Kaffal al-ShashiAivan Kukeldash madrasahAt the stop line in front of the Lenin Museum branchThe sign of the Spiritual Association of Muslims of Sa and K in the left niche at the entrance to the Barakhan madrasahMonument to Malchish-KibalchishFence near the cinema "Rodina" on the street. NavoiComedians. Big and small in front of the Buratino cafe
Hamza Street (Zarkaynar)Vysotsky and Khmelnitsky at the Alai marketAn employee of the traffic control department, foreman Sadyk Kasymov, at the intersection of Lenin and Uzbekistan streetsStation Annunciation ChurchJulius Fucik Museum (Zhukovsky St., 54). Opened in 1982View of the Eski-Juva mahalla and the market pavilions of the October marketResidential buildings on the street. Shota Rustaveli