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New Hankow Restaurant (1971)

New Hankow Restaurant

620 Sixth AvenueSixth Avenue, west side, north from but not including 14th StreetSimpson Crawford Building, 6th Avenue & 19th Street#275 Seventh Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets, east side. Lefcourt Clothing CenterNational Maritime Union of America buildingsLooking north on 10th Avenue from 24th StreetChurch, St. Francis Xavier, 16th St. & 6th Ave., Jubilee Procession.
Eighth Ave., west side, between West 15th (left) and 16th (right) Streets,10th Avenue - 25th Street (West)West 31st Street. St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church, monastery and parochial school25th Street looking west from 11th AvenueGrand Opera HouseStreet & Smith building at 7th Avenue and 15th Street#275 Seventh Avenue between 26 and west 25th Streets