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Times Square

Times Square at nightLongacre Square (Now Times Square), Broadway and 42nd Street.241-247 West 43rd Street, north side, between Seventh and Eighth AvenuesSeventh Ave., north from West 51st Street, showing the Hotel Victoria at the N.E. cornerBroadway, east side, south from 44th Street, showing also Seventh Avenue, east side, from 44th to 40th Streets.A view of the S.E. corner of 45th Street1 the portion of building containing Loew's N.Y. Theatre. June 17, 1935Old Times Square
The east corner of Broadway and 41st St. with the Hotel Albany prominentCapitol TheatreTimes Square51st Street and 8th Avenue, N.W. corner. One-story taxpayer.Seventh Avenue, west side, north from 42nd Street, excavation for Times Building is at extreme rightBroadway, east side, from 41st to 43rd Streets.West 46th Street, south side, west from Broadway, and showing several theatres of the Times Square district.