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34th Street from Empire State Building (1971)

34th Street from Empire State Building

The Mutual Bank Building, 49 West 33rd StreetFifth Avenue at N. E. corner of 54th Street, showing residence of William Rockefeller shortly before its demolitionGrenoble Hotel, 7th Avenue & 56th Street150-160 West 54th Street, adjoining and east of the S.E. corner of Seventh AveSeventh Avenue, east side, between West 57th and 58th StreetsBuckingham Hotel, 5th Avenue and 50th StreetFifth Ave., west side, south from and including West 51st Street.
A view of the south side of 51st Street, at a later date, and showing further demolition in progress at the S.W. cornerCrowded sidewalks and traffic along 7th Avenue in the Garment District150 West 38th Street, south side, east of Seventh Avenue5th Avenue north from 48th Street32 West 28th StreetThe Lefcourt-Normandie Building on the site of the Hotel Normandie, seen from the roof of the Metropolitan Opera HouseMadison Avenue and 39th Street, looking north