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World's Fair
Author: George Silk

Aerial view of World's Fair shows Unisphere (left), African Pavilion (pointed round huts at right), and New Jersey Pavilion (rectangular blue roofs at lower left), Flushing, Queens, New York, April 1964. Also visible is the pagoda of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Pavilion, and flags of many nations lining the border of the International Area.

Polynesia Pavilion restaurant, New York World's FairDecoration works on the construction of the Soviet pavilionN. Y. World's FairExposition Hall Heinz Building at N.Y. World's FairNew-York World's Fair 1939Water-Bugs
The sculpture in front of the Soviet pavilionUSSR Exhibition BuildingSoviet pavilionGeneral Motors on the World's FairN. Y. World's FairGrand Central Parkway (near Exit 9E)Public meeting at the site of construction of the Soviet pavilion