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New York Worlds Fair (1964)

New York Worlds Fair

Birds-eye view of the Unisphere and various exhibition pavilions, with Flushing Bay and urban sprawl in the background, New York Worlds Fair, Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York, June 1964.

The sculpture in front of the Soviet pavilionGeneral Motors on the World's FairNew-York World's Fair 1939N. Y. World's Fair. Administration BuildingPublic meeting at the site of construction of the Soviet pavilionQueens stadium area, aerialEvening lights at the New York World's Fair
Decoration works on the construction of the Soviet pavilionIn front of the Soviet pavilionDetail of a sculpture of the Soviet pavilionIn front of Hall of NationsPolynesia Pavilion restaurant, New York World's FairTrackless train at the New-York World's FairExposition Hall